What is an African woman?

African Blood Siblings

Listen Sibling, I come in peace,

β€œThe problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solutions for Africans is Africans.” β€” Onitaset Kumat

Today, I rely on an unwitting Occidental to answer β€œWhat is an African Woman” as he describes the miserable two-hundred mile trek to the slave pens (emphasis mine). This should bring both a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. It’s the story of faithful women, it’s the story of no surrender, and it’s the story of β€œAfrica’s greatest patriot,” Ngola Ann Nzinga!Β  I honor her alongside other Queens in Maroon and Build For Self and in a button I oft wear (see above.)

Only in the University level, after around two decades of mis-education, can you expect to learn of this Ancestor in the European’s school systems (and only barely). Do not limit yourself in sharing this story with our people…

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About saashepsu

Uncompromisingly & Unapologetically Obibini I am an heterosexual/straightAfurakani (African/Black Male) I am here to study, learn, share, and fight for Abibifahodie and thereby assist in re ushering Nyamewaa.:.Nyame Nhyehye!

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