“Revolutionary organizers must fight to maintain their morale….

“Revolutionary organizers must fight to maintain their morale. Many people who start out with enthusiasm tend to drop by the wayside because they have lost their morale and have become frustrated. One of the key reasons for the loss of morale is failure to understand the long range nature of the revolutionary struggle. Revolutions do not come in instant packages or short commercials. Revolutions are a long term view of struggle….In addition to taking the long range viewpoint it is necessary to realize that perfection does not come in people. We are all human and we have our positive and negative factors. Those who look for perfection in humans are going to become demoralized, frustrated and unable to function, not realizing that perfection does not exist within themselves. We should strive to develop our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. This requires considerable effort, but morale will increase as we all accentuate the positives and struggle to eliminate the negatives.”

James Foreman

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1mGoPdr


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Uncompromisingly & Unapologetically Obibini I am an heterosexual/straightAfurakani (African/Black Male) I am here to study, learn, share, and fight for Abibifahodie and thereby assist in re ushering Nyamewaa.:.Nyame Nhyehye!

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